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Hello everyone.

Got a problem on FreeBSD 6.1.
After kernel boot messages there are no messages from rc scripts until
login prompt displayed (but rc scripts are started OK).
Boot process looks like:

 Mounting root from /dev/ad0s1 <last kernel message>  <here is a long
pause while rc scripts started>
 FreeBSD/i386 (frenzy) (ttyv0)


This bug was seen not on all computers. Currently I found 3 PC with this
problem (two on AMD platform, one on Intel). Video adapters on them are
also different.

Any suggestions?


.O. | Sergei Mozhaisky
..O |

I am seeing this, too. dmesg is not getting anything from the later
scripting (in my case, notably from /etc/rc.d/ and
/var/log/messages did not get _anything_ on the Gx280 for several days.
These are RELENG_6 from last week (after 6.1 release date) on both a
Dell Gx280 and an Inspiron 6000.

Updated: I just did cvs/build/install world yesterday (Tuesday 5/16) on
the Gx280 and the /var/log/messages log is now getting updates. I'll try
a rebuild on the laptop tonight and see if it clears both problems there

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