iwi-firmware-kmod and iwi-firmware

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Mon May 15 16:23:05 PDT 2006

Hello Manfred,

On Mon, May 15, 2006 9:53 pm, Manfred Lotz wrote:
> Is there a description about how to use iwi-firmware-kmod and
> iwi-firmware?

no, but see below ...

> Can both be installed and used simultaneously?


> I know how to use iwi-firmware but how does iwi.firmware-kmod relate?
> Currently, iwi-firmware is quite unreliable in the sense that after
> resuming my laptop and restarting wpa_supplicant I often get panics.

Newer versions of the iwi(4) driver require you to use iwi-firmware-kmod
(iwi-firmware won't work anymore).  Those drivers utilize the firmware(9)
framework to load the firmware.  Together with other changes (at this time
only available in CURRENT) this makes iwi(4) much more stable.  You should
be able to use sys/dev/iwi/* from CURRENT in RELENG_6 to get the changes. 
MFC is planed, but more testing is required and encouraged.

Let us know if that works better for you.

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