2 questions

Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Mon May 15 06:50:01 PDT 2006

Dear all!
I'd like to know if I should
tweak something to avoid future
1. On i386, 6.1, I've forgotten
to change /dev/cuaDx and had
freeze using pppd. When the in-
stallation is from cd, device.hints
is written in boot directory with
lot of superfluous irqs, that
trigger hang. Would be fine to
see a chapter on this topic in
handbook, with all hints (sysctl)
options to change or add.
2. On amd64, 6.1, I see ".serverauth.xxx"
file, every time I use xorg. Should I
change some option in xorg.conf, does
x look for former .Xauth... or something?
Best regards


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