burncd audio produces white noise

Michael A. Koerber mak at ll.mit.edu
Mon May 15 05:00:58 PDT 2006


  Once upon a time, I think with 5.x or perhaps earlier, the command
(ATAPI drive)

    burncd -ef /dev/acd0 audio *.cdr fixate

would produce an audio CD for me.  However, under 6.0 and recently 6.1
this same command produces an CD filled with white noise only.  The entire
procedure I've used is:

  1.  Start w/ some MP3 files.

  2.  Use sox (or lame) to convert to CDR format

  3.  Verify the CDR format with 'xine filename.cdr'  (sounds good)

  4.  Make CD with above command.

  5.  Play CD on two different players (one on PC, one on entertainment system) 
      (sounds like white noise)

  6.  Extract a CD track with dd if=/dev/acd0t01 of=tmp.cdr bs=2532

  7.  Test ripped track with 'xine tmp.cdr' sound just like the original MP3!

To ensure that there weren't permissions problems along the way, I've executed
these commands as root, though I once did this as a normal user.

Any ideas on what I should look at to fix this problem?

tnx in advance

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