old program compatibility with FreeBSD 6.1

Dan Strick strick at covad.net
Sat May 13 19:40:39 PDT 2006

[I may have missed some responses to my original posting because the
"current" set of postings has been cleaned out but not yet installed
in the mailing list archive.]

I just installed FreeBSD 6.1, selecting "All" in the distributions
selection menu, and discovered that the compat* distributions are
no longer part of the standard distribution.  I searched the RELNOTES
and ERRATA for both 6.0 and 6.1 and found no mention of this.

I have received email from someone (apparently a copy of one of the
postings to freebsd-stable that I didn't see) suggesting that I install

Is this the official work-around?  I see that there are also compat4x
and compat3x ports in /usr/ports/misc.  Is 1x, 20, 21, and 22
compatibility support gone forever?  (Not that I would miss it. I only
need 4x and 5x compatibility.)

Dan Strick

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