pagezero again

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Fri May 12 15:14:18 PDT 2006

Ivan Voras wrote:
> Some time ago I reported that pagezero kernel thread sometime takes 
> (what seems to me) a too large chunk of available CPU (30%) on a very 
> busy web server. There were no replies :( Since then, I've 
> reconfigured apache to use PHP as a fastcgi module and the problem 
> seems to have gotten worse - now it *always* takes ~25-30% CPU, and my 
> "System" time stat shows it (its almost always ~30%).
> From what I can understand, pagezero thread fills kernel's pool of 
> zeroed pages. This looks non-threteaning, but what would cause such 
> high demand of zeroed pages on my system? 

Generally, a whole bunch of processes that are demanding a lot or memory 
and/or swapping would do it.
What does "vmstat 1" look like...?


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