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On 05/12/06 07:56, gareth wrote:
> On Fri 2006-05-12 (07:31), Jonathan Noack wrote:
>> Ah, I made a mistake in my explanation.  Replace INDEX-5.db with
>> INDEX-5.  Sorry for the confusion...
>> "make fetchindex" downloads the INDEX-x file (where 'x' is the major
>> release number of the version of FreeBSD you are using -- in this case
>> '5').  When this file is newer than INDEX-x.db, the portupgrade tools
>> will automatically build an updated version of INDEX-x.db.  As such, it
>> is not necessary to do anything further than "make fetchindex".
>> Building INDEX-x takes forever (and may be overheating your machine
>> causing freezes/reboots), but building INDEX-x.db is quite fast.
>> If you want to make sure everything is updated with a single command,
>> replace the '-U' with '-F' for "portsdb -Fu" (hehe -- I love it when
>> arguments work out like that...).  That will 1) download the INDEX-x
>> file instead of building it from scratch, and then 2) build an updated
>> INDEX-x.db.
>> Correction: portsnap automatically builds an up-to-date INDEX-x, not
>> INDEX-5.db.  "portversion" is building the INDEX-x.db file from INDEX-x.
> ah ok, thanx that's much clearer now.
> so for interest's sake:
> 'portsdb -F' is the same as 'make fetchindex', and


> 'portsdb -u' is the same as the first part of 'portversion'

Yes, but using '-u' is not necessary.  From the portsdb(1) man page
description of the '-u' option:
"Note: the ports database file is automatically updated if it is not
up-to-date when looked up, so manual updating is not mandatory."

I use '-u' only when I share /usr/ports between machines via NFS.
Because I don't want them fighting over updating the INDEX-x.db file, I
run "portsdb -Fu" when I update /usr/ports so that all machines have a
fresh version.


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