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On 05/10/06 06:22, gareth wrote:
> On Wed 2006-05-10 (09:31), gareth wrote:
>> hey guys, i've been having this trouble on and off for
>> quite awhile, sometimes while running 'portsdb -Uu'
>> (after a cvsup) the box just freezes, along with the
>> power? i'm running 5.3-RELEASE.
> ok, i did:
> cd /usr/ports
> rm INDEX*
> make fetchindex
> amongst other things, and every time, running 'portsdb -Uu'
> cripples the machine. i'm not too keen to see where exactly
> it dies since it'll result in another hard shutdown.

You are probably experiencing some of the VFS limitations in 5.3 (you'll
be pleasantly surprised by 6.1!).  "portsdb -Uu" is very CPU and IO
intensive; it takes a long time on a fast machine.  "make fetchindex" is
provided as a replacement for having to run "portsdb -Uu".  The only
downside is that the downloaded INDEX-5.db may be a few hours out of date.

> but, if i just run portversion, it creates the INDEX-5.db,
> so i'm not sure why i'm running 'portsdb -Uu' in the first
> place?

I would highly recommend checking out portsnap; it builds an up-to-date
INDEX-5.db file automatically as part of the update process.


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