6.1-R/amd64: PXE boot can't handle .gz mfsroot?

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at rinet.ru
Wed May 10 04:56:37 UTC 2006

On Tue, 9 May 2006, Dmitry Morozovsky wrote:

DM> Colleagues,
DM> ${SUBJ} says almost all. PXEboot leads to 
DM> Can't work out which disk we are booting from.
DM> error.
DM> Ungzipping /boot/mfsroot.gz helps

This was too early positive. It does not help, as unzipped mfsroot is not 
actually loaded as filesystem:

OK ls
 ?  boot
 ?  boot.config
 ?  boot.catalog
 ?  cdrom.inf
OK lsmod  
 0x100000: /boot/kernel/kernel (elf kernel, 0x8e4268)
  modules: linux.1 rr232x.1 io.1 splash.1 agp.1 nfsserver.1 nfslock.1 nfs.1 
nfs4.1 wlan.1 if_gif.1 if_faith.1 ether.1 sysvshm.1 sysvsem.1 sysvmsg.1 
cd9660.1 isa.1 pseudofs.1 procfs.1 ntfs.1 msdosfs.1 usb.1 cdce.0 random.1 
ppbus.1 pci.1 pccard.1 null.1 mpt_raid.1 mpt.1 mpt_cam.1 mpt_core.1 miibus.1 
mem.1 isp.1 sbp.1 fwe.1 firewire.1 exca.1 cardbus.1 ast.1 afd.1 acd.1 ataraid.1 
atapci.1 ad.1 ata.1 ahc.1 ahd.1 ahd_pci.1 ahc_pci.1 ahc_isa.1 acpi_pci.1 acpi.1 
linprocfs.1 cam.1 
 0x9e4268: /boot/mfsroot (mfs_root, 0x800000)

So after loading kernel it complains:

init: not found in path /sbin/init:/sbin/oinit:/sbin/init.bak:/rescue/init:/stand/sysinstall
panic: no init

(while there was line

md0: Preloaded image </boot/mfsroot> 8388608 bytes at 0xffffffff809e4268

a few lines before...)

... will experiment further...

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