Problem Installing Freebsd 6.0 64 bit

Alejandro Ruiz Robles alejandro.ruiz at
Tue May 9 01:03:08 UTC 2006

I can't install freebsd 6.0 STABLE amd64 on my notebook:

 HP Pavilion 2420la AMD Turion ML 32 , 1024 RAM, 80 GB HD, ATI 
Radeon XPRESS 200M.

I try all modes , default, whitout acpi, safe mode. In all the cases after the 
next message the installation doesn't work:

timecounters tick every 1000 msec
Linux ELF exec handler install
lo0.bpf attached

I installed linux with parameter noapic nolapic, but y want to install and 
learn freebsd

Thank you.

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