CFT: new ath hal (take 2)

Sam Leffler sam at
Mon May 8 15:48:29 UTC 2006

If I had intended stable users to try this code I would have:

1. posted to stable@
2. provided specific changes for those users (e.g. a patch)

You will note my initial post about a new hal was done to both mailing 
lists.  I did not post this hal to stable because I did not want to deal 
with people complaining that things did not work because they had 
problems back-patching the necessary changes.  I included info in my 
original post for those folks running current that were going to do it 
anyway so they could save some time.

I replied to your post because all it did was set people up for failures 
that would result in mail to me that I don't have time to handle.  Then 
those people would either get frustrated by not getting an answer or 
think there was some problem that wasn't being fixed.

I treat the stable src tree VERY carefully.  I do not inflict pain on 
users running stable.  I do not arbitrarily commit changes that require 
people to manually alter their system or otherwise deal with binary 
incompatibilities.  I treat stable as a production code base and only 
apply changes that are considered well-tested and appropriate to run in 
a production environment.


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