6.0 RELEASE and Volume Managers

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at telia.com
Sun May 7 13:56:05 UTC 2006

Yousef Raffah wrote:

> Why should I define it from the card's BIOS?

Because there are no utilities in FreeBSD to configure the array during
runtime. Your only option is to do it from the BIOS when you boot your

> Is it done through the system's startup (F9)?

Just boot your server and wait for the BIOS screen for the card to pop
up. It will tell you what key to press to enter BIOS. I don't remember
what key it is off the top of my head.

> How can I have my volumes configured? Is it after the system is being
> installed or during installation? Please forgive my newbie 
> questions :|

You need to configure your arrays BEFORE you install FreeBSD. Once the
arrays have been set up properly you can install FreeBSD. Because the
card presents each array that you have defined as a regular disk to the
system, just select the appropriate disk (most likely da0) during
sysinstall to get FreeBSD to partition/slice it up for you.

/Daniel Eriksson

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