pf not loading the rules at boot

Iantcho Vassilev ianchov at
Sat May 6 23:59:57 UTC 2006

Hello to all,

I noticed such a problem:

I have a 6.1 RC2 and i have in rc.conf


but when the system boots i test with:

pfctl -vs rules

and there are not rules loaded.if i load them by hand there is no problem..
then i made:


and the first thing that i saw was: when pf_enable is after pflogd_enable ;
it is not printed(checked)..

then i changed the place of pf and pflogd in the rc.conf and i saw some
output in the /var/log/messages..
but still the ruleset wasn`t loaded..

i put pf_load="YES" >> /boot/loader.conf
and still the ruleset is NOT loaded on boot...

Do you have something like this?

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