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Sat May 6 16:57:18 UTC 2006

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Sat, 6 May 2006, Gergely CZUCZY wrote:
>> i see, thanks. there is some XML(or similar) file. should i have to
>> build the whole world to get a human-readable form, or is there some
>> other, less painful way for it?
> The release notes are built automatically as part of the global release
> build process.  You can also build them directly by changing to the
> src/release/doc directory and doing a "make".  You'll need to have the
> docproj packages/ports installed in order to build them.

For the curious, I've updated the documents for HEAD and RELENG_6_1 on
my completely unofficial Release Documentation site:

(It's not updated as often as it once was, but for the moment it is
current with respect to what's in CVS.  In the event that I notice any
changes to the release notes, I'll try to rebuild them.)

> Just to keep waving the flag: the release is not yet finalized or out,
> so things may yet change.  The current contents should be considered a
> working draft, not the final version, until it's actually out the door
> and announced. We've had to delay releases at this point in the cycle
> before due to last minute discoveries or issues, and while I hope it
> doesn't happen this time around, we can't rule it out!

I want to reemphasize this point for folks.  When I was a member of the
RE team, we often saw weird things happening late in the process (I
won't jinx the current team by citing examples).  I know that a lot of
people are anxiously awaiting 6.1-RELEASE and it's been a *long* release
cycle...just be patient a little longer...



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