system crash during file copy to a floppy with bad sectors

Rostislav Krasny rosti.bsd at
Sat May 6 15:19:38 UTC 2006

On Sat, 6 May 2006 09:36:31 +0930
"Daniel O'Connor" <doconnor at> wrote:

> On Saturday 06 May 2006 09:33, Rostislav Krasny wrote:
> > > Can you get a back trace? ie enable crash dumps and do it again, or
> > > transcribe, or photograph the screen as it panics if you are local.
> >
> > Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it now. Doesn't the old log help?
> > There is one "Fatal trap 12".
> Only if you have the backtrace I think.

In attempt to "emulate" bad sectors I got another crash, that looks
similar (but not exactly same) to the original two crashes. I just
pulled out the diskette before file copy is finished. I know, that
must never be done, but sometimes people are in a great hurry or just
do mistakes. IMHO that isn't a good reason for a system crash.

The trace of that crash is attached to this email. This time g_vfs_done()
returned other error.

In other attemt to "emulate" bad sectors the kernel entered to an
endless loop of printing g_vfs_done() errors. I was able to switch
terminals (by Alt+F1, Alt+F2, ...) but unable to type anything or reboot
the system by Ctrl+Alt+Del.
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