jail issue question

Gergely CZUCZY phoemix at harmless.hu
Sat May 6 07:55:40 UTC 2006

hi all

i've got this issue:

i'd like to look into it, because i'm not experience with the
development of the freebsd (or any other) kernel, yet i'd like
to create a temporary solution. it would consist of a userspace
utility that invokes a kernelspace function that cleans out the
unused jail entry from the "jail registry", and perhaps cleans out
other related entries(such as processes inside the jail).

my question is, on which kernel tree should I try to manage this,
on my desktop currently i run 6-STABLE, first i though this could
be good, but maybe i should do it on -CURRENT. so, which tree should
i examine, check and maybe modify a bit?

(i've already read most of the developers handbook, but hadn't read
any related info on this)


Gergely Czuczy
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