6.1-RC and the audit group

Mark Kirkwood markir at paradise.net.nz
Sat May 6 02:03:36 UTC 2006

Last night I updated on of my machines from 6.0-RELEASE to 6.1-RC. As 
far as I understand, I followed the instructions correctly - in particular:

boot -s
# fsck -p
# mount -u /
# mount -a
# adjkerntz -i
# cd /usr/src
# mergemaster -p
# make installworld

I found that installworld stops, because the 'audit' group has not been 
created. Now I just pressed 'return' for the default actions during 
mergemaster -p, but I didn't notice any mention of the audit group.

after manually adding it, and re-running installworld, I noticed that 
(after delete-old) the second 'mergemaster' has a group temporary file 
with 'audit' in it (as it wanted to remove mine and add its own - I'd 
used 70 instead of 77 as gid).

So...err, I obviously missed something in during mergemaster -p, where 
does it do the audit addition?



P.s : 6.1-RC is running very nicely right now. Great work!

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