Can't select/install kernels in custom install.cfg - 6.1RC2

Paul Koch paul.koch at
Fri May 5 07:37:38 UTC 2006


I have just upgraded some of our product build machines to 6.1RC2 and I 
am having a few problems getting a custom install.cfg to work with the 
way sysinstall now selects/installs kernels.  I am trying to select a 
custom distribution set using something like the following:

 dists=base kernels
 distKernel=GENERIC SMP

base gets installed fine but no kernels ever get installed.  If I set 
any of the standard distribution sets (eg. distSetMinimal, or 
distSetEverything), then one or both of GENERIC/SMP kernels get 

I am a bit lost. Did some googling, but couldn't fine anything relevent.


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