em(4) device still 'freezes' on latset CVSup'd 6.x ...

David Kirchner dpk at dpk.net
Thu May 4 00:42:46 UTC 2006

On 5/3/06, Marc G. Fournier <scrappy at hub.org> wrote:
> I just upgraded one of my old 4.x server to 6.x, and the one annoying
> problem that I've experienced with 4.x persists in 6.x ...
> ... when you ifconfig alias a new IP onto an em(4) device, the tcp/ip
> stack (I'm guessing) hangs for a period of time, while my 6.x/bge0 servers
> don't hang at all, they just alias ...

This bug seems to keep coming back. There have been at least 3 PRs
about it, kern/47648, kern/81147, and kern/90167 .

I thought it was fixed with the information in kern/47648, but as it
turns out, it's still present in 4.11-RELEASE (just confirmed this). I
guess the tests I performed in kern/47648 on 4.9 did not cover all
scenarios, or there was a regression between 4.9+those minor patches
and 4.11.

I don't know the protocol for this -- would the old PRs be re-opened,
or should a new PR be filed for 6.x?

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