RC2 binary upgrade: var/empty: no chmod allowed

Alexey Karagodov karagodov at gmail.com
Wed May 3 06:14:30 UTC 2006

chflags -R noschg /var/empty

2006/5/3, Martin Jackson <mhjacks at swbell.net>:
> Hello everyone,
> When BETA4 was released, I installed it on a very old machine of mine,
> and tried doing a binary upgrade from 6.0-RELEASE to 6.1-BETA4.  I got
> an error almost immediately that it failed to write because it couldn't
> chmod var/empty (due to the schg flag being set).  I also had other
> problems which in retrospect were likely pilot error.  Around that time,
> a bunch of other stuff came up and I let the matter drop.
> I just binary upgraded my 6.1-BETA4 installation to 6.1-RC2 and ran into
> the same thing.  I was able to work around it by using the holographic
> shell to chflags /var/empty so that the installer could write to it,
> which it does when I retry the install.
> BTW - I am doing a custom distribution set including base, doc, games,
> info, man, and the GENERIC kernel.  Everything else I install from
> either a local cvsup mirror or a package build machine.
> Has anyone else seen this?  I can't rule out pilot error here.
> Thanks,
> Marty
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