geom_eli and kbdmux, enemies?

Maksim Yevmenkin maksim.yevmenkin at
Tue May 2 17:52:49 UTC 2006


> Just upgraded 6.1-RC2 on my laptop. Having kbdmux now enabled by
> default, I was completely unable to boot due to having a geom eli
> encrypted filesystem. My encrypted filesystem was initialized with the
> geli -b option, to have the kernel ask for passphrase upon boot.
> I have tried using geom_eli as a kernel module and having it included in
> the kernel. If combined with kbdmux, geom_eli fails to read the
> passphrase from the keyboard. Nothing happens. I have to turn off the
> laptop, and use a live CD to rescue the system.
> By using geli_devices in rc.conf, and having the geli rc script attach
> my encrypted filesystem, I can type the passphrase just fine. But then
> it's a userland program asking for it.
> I can live with that, but I take it this is a bug that should be fixed?
> Should be fixed before 6.1 is out the door?

known problem. as workaround you may use usb (ukbd(4)) keyboard. so
far i have traced this back to atkbd(4) driver now working very well
in "polled" mode. basically, when system boots (or drops into ddb(4))
interrupts are "disabled" and atkbd(4) should operate in "polled"
mode. kbdmux(4) + ukbd(4) seems to work just fine, kbdmux(4) +
atkbd(4) is not. it may or may not be kbdmux(4) problem, but on thing
for sure - kbdmux(4) makes this problem appear.

i'm working on the fix, but i cannot give you eta yet.


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