6.1-RC bge RX CPU self-diagnostic failed

Robert Wojciechowski robertw at ssginnovations.com
Tue May 2 12:31:54 UTC 2006

I'm running into a problem with some new dual Opteron servers we just
received yesterday on 6.1-STABLE (-RC now I suppose) amd64 updated as of
today. When booting, it sometimes fails to initialize the onboard
Broadcom gigabit Ethernet:

bge0: <Broadcom BCM5704C Dual Gigabit Ethernet, ASIC rev. 0x2100> mem
0xfc9f0000-0xfc9fffff irq 26 at device 5.0 on pci2
bge0: firmware handshake timed out
bge0: RX CPU self-diagnostics failed!
bge0: chip initialization failed
device_attach: bge0 attach returned 6
bge1: <Broadcom BCM5704C Dual Gigabit Ethernet, ASIC rev. 0x2100> mem
0xfc9e0000-0xfc9effff irq 27 at device 5.1 on pci2
bge1: firmware handshake timed out
bge1: RX CPU self-diagnostics failed!
bge1: chip initialization failed
device_attach: bge1 attach returned 6

Rebooting until the card is initialized seems to allow me to use those

I have 2 other servers with identical BCM5704C chips running on dual
Opterons on 6.1-STABLE amd64 and they seem to work fine on those. I have
two of these new servers but have only seen this problem on one of them
today. I'm trying to duplicate it on both boxes as we speak.

Any ideas on what I can do? Thanks!

-- Robert

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