FreeBSD 6.1-PREREALEASE , Xorg 6.9

Chris Shenton chris at
Fri Mar 31 22:01:39 UTC 2006

Rumen Palov <rpalov at> writes:

> Last week I have been upgraded ports Xorg 6.8 to Xorg 6.9 , firefox
> from 1.5 to After that strange behavior starts:) When I
> open some pages with FireFox or ThunderBird I see blue zones instead
> of background images , sometimes when I switch to other application
> ,( terminal for example) , half of a screen become in the same blue
> color. I downgrade FireFox to old version ( stable for my box) but
> problem continue again. I make base , kernel build every day and try
> to keep soft up to date .. but..

Check the past month's discussion on freebsd-x11.  Some of us have
been having the same problem with 6.9.  Don't have a resolution yet :-(

I see it first in Mozilla but some other X apps too like Emacs I believe.
My system locks hard unless I disable DRI but then the blue blotches
make it impossible to use.  

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