Is mount_smbfs broken in 6.1-PRERELEASE?

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Thu Mar 30 19:41:01 UTC 2006

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On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 01:18:51PM -0600, Nikolas Britton wrote:
> Anyone know if mount_smbfs is broken in 6.1, I'm trying to run this:
> "mount_smbfs -I //nbritton at /mnt/network/music/"
> And then it asks for my password, I type it in, and then I get this error:
> "mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = Authentication error"
> I've had this same problem on another 6.1 box too... I can run this
> same command on a 6.0-RELEASE box, right next to the 6.1 box, on the
> same network etc. without problems. What gives? Did I forget to setup
> something on the new 6.1 boxes or is mount_smbfs broken, IIRC I didn't
> do anything special to get mount_smbfs working on the 6.0 box?

Not broken per se.  Hrrm, I see a mention of this in CURRENT's UPDATING
but not in 6.1's.  

I ~think~ you might have to include 


and rebuild your kernel.  I believe that in CURRENT, you simply have to
kldload smbfs (but on my CURRENT box I had no need of mounting an NTFS
share, so I don't know).  Here is the entry in CURRENT's UPDATING.

        The NETSMBCRYPTO kernel option has been retired because its
        functionality is always included in NETSMB and smbfs.ko now.

I've lost track of whether the discussion was on the CURRENT or STABLE
list, and had thought that it was fixed in both.   I'm only posting this
rather unhelpful information in case no one with a better memory or more
knowledge sees it.  At any rate, on my PRERELEASE boxen, the problem was
fixed by adding the NETSMBCRYPTO option to the kernel. 

You could try kldload-ing smbfs first to see if it helps.  Check the
archives of STABLE and CURRENT for this month, the dicussion was on one
of them.  

I repeat, I'm only posting this in case no one with more knowledge of
the situation sees your post. 

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