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Thu Mar 30 18:42:17 UTC 2006

Joao Barros wrote:
> On 3/30/06, Adam Retter <adam at> wrote:
>>Who attacked him, can we not give them a kicking ;-)
> At most a kick on IRC since the person in question is also a valid
> FreeBSD developer.
> I read most of -current, -stable, -hackers, -cvsall as well as some
> other FreeBSD lists and sometimes I read someone's comment and think:
> "That was totally unnecessary..."
> But people are all not the same and we have our good days and our bad days.
> I guess David was on a bad day when Dag wrote what he wrote, on a bad
> day himself.
> I have been accompanying David and Dag's work and both are important
> and needed and have their credit for, no doubt about it.
> David, Dag has done the more difficult part: recognizing and
> apologizing. From there, forgiving is easy ;-)
> Can't we all just code along? :-D

I completly do agree with every single statement Joao has made. It could 
have been kept on private mailing list. From what it looks like for 
people like me, when-possible contributor and every-day-user, It seems 
to be just a simple "work" discussion, like those ones which usually 
happen one day or one other in everywhere there is work getting done by 
more than one person, a cooperative working-style discussion on what is 
good and what can be done in different (hopefully better) way.

Accepting and interpreting suggestions as well as suggesting on a 
non-rude manner is something that everyone one day fail, in their busy 
heavy days. No big deal, It is human nature.

Anyway, everyone who follows cvs-all@ is very thankfull for what David 
has done everyday in the system, and probably will appreciate a lot more 
if Mr. Xu decide to keep doing the good work, improving what he has 
noted himself that should be improved and work together with others to 
improve things that more than one brain could probably get better 
results than only a single one.

Hope you stay.

Osho in one of his books usually say that apologizing is a difficult 
decision, apologizing honestly is even more difficult and rare. And do 
not accepting the honest apollogies is a severe decision and as such, 
comes with a lot of consequences.

Patrick Tracanelli

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