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Thu Mar 30 16:37:47 UTC 2006

I feel as Tarasov Alexey. This would be a terrible loss to anyone
who currently, or in the future; uses FreeBSD. I *dearly* hope that
you can reconcile this issue and not leave.

All the best to you.

Quoting Tarasov Alexey <lexa at>:

> Please, don't leave us, David!
> Best regards,
> Tarasov Alexey.
> David Xu wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I will go away today due to some unpleasant person attack to me, in 
>> the past,
>> I have made lots of work in FreeBSD threading work, this includes kernel
>> threading in earlier stage and thread libraries later, and gdb support for
>> these new thread libraries from kernel to userland everywhere, spent lots
>> of time to work in libpthread, and later make libthr to be best 
>> performance library for mysql and possible other applications 
>> developed on Linux and make it run on most platforms we current 
>> support.
>> because the work load was large, I admit I have made some coding
>> mistakes which some people think it is serious while other don't think so,
>> I don't think it is not fixable, time goes and things will be fixed, 
>> think about FreeBSD comes from a 4.x which is ignorant about true 
>> kernel based thread, changing to current thread based kernel is 
>> really a painful thing to do, even with recently 6.1, I still have 
>> fixed lots of thread suspension race which I think is obscure, of 
>> course, my work does not stop on threading,
>> recent, I also have added signal queue, POSIX message queue and timer,
>> made AIO MP-safe, these are all work-in-progress, but I am sorry, 
>> the attack made to me is very harmful, I feel I can not recover from 
>> such disaster, working on FreeBSD is no longer fun. I will still use 
>> FreeBSD, but no
>> contribution, current it is default OS I use in daily work from desktop to
>> notebook.
>> I wish FreeBSD will succeed as its 4.x versions did.
>> Sincerely,
>> David Xu
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