problem with ndis/wlan/pci since after 6.0-B5 to releng_6

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Thu Mar 30 15:31:05 UTC 2006

On 3/30/06, JoaoBR <joao at> wrote:
> I have a problem here and I do not know where to look
> I have a Notebook with a button on the front, it's an Acer Aspire
> With this button I can enable/disable the buildin WL-radio antena
> This button blinks normally when the radio is on but not connected/associates
> and stays on when connected
> This was so until 6.0-Beta5, after this the led is dead
> The radio works fine with NDIS, no problem at all
> I installed B5 again to double check and it works
> the only difference I see between Beta5 and releng_6 is
> Beta5:
> net.wlan.0.driver_caps=769
> releng_6:
> net.wlan.0.driver_caps=25166603
> net.wlan.0.bmiss_max=2
> but setting on releng_6 to 769 seems not having any effect at all
> I used the same if_ndis.ko I generated on releng_6 and it works on Beta5 so I
> guess it is not a NDIS problem
> Where I should look for this?
Are you useing wpa_supplicant (i.e. ifconfig_ndis="WPA DHCP") for this
wireless connection?

If you are using wpa_supplicant, then try to run it manually:
# wpa_supplicant -B -q -i ndis0 -D ndis -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -P

You should get this error:

NDIS: Failed to get adapter list (PacketGetAdapterNames)
Failed to initialize driver interface

This error is caused by the MFC of wpa_supplicant to version 0.4.8.
And the wrong return values being returned by PacketGetAdapterNames.

In usr.sbin/wpa/wpa_supplicant/Packet32.c, the PacketGetAdapterNames
routine should be returning boolean value, but instead it is returning
a zero, EIO, ENOSPC, and ENOMEM.

  You need to replace the return(0) with return(TRUE), and you also
need to replace return([EIO,ENOSPC,ENOMEM]) with return(FALSE).

After you have made these changes, just do a make clean ; make ; make
install ; make clean to rebuild and install wpa_supplicant.  Then use
the above command again to start wpa_supplicant.

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