cannot type in GDM after installworld ...

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Wed Mar 29 18:43:20 UTC 2006

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> Subject: cannot type in GDM after installworld ...
> Hi,
> additionally to my GRUB problem, GDM does not accept any keystroke at
> all, nada nothing, after updating to 6.1-PRERELEASE.
> I am using XDM for now.
> Any ideas here?

Yes, I had a similar problem. Perhaps the same.

GDM's allocation of a VT may conflict with getty.
In the configuration file, there's a parameter which is FirstVT with
default value 9. He'll try to use, by default, ttyv8 as its VT.
Sometimes, he'll get it before getty does. Then it works. Sometimes, he
get's it afterwards and you get that strange conflict.

I used to have all VTs until ttva enabled in /etc/ttys, so this would
conflict with GDM's default configuration file.

If this is your case, try these two solutions:
    1- change FirstVT to a diferent (higher) value
    2- disable all VTs below 9 in /etc/ttys

I chose the second solution, because GDM can use more than one VT, enabling
several users of the same console to be logged in graphically and

Miguel Ramos
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