gvinum help

Emil Stoyanov emosto at web.de
Wed Mar 29 12:00:00 UTC 2006

brad miele wrote:

>> Profuse apologies for any wrong list, missed faqs, etc. But I am
>> looking for help with using gvinum to set up a raid volume. I have
>> read the handbook, and I sort of understand how it works, I just
>> cannot seem to figure out how to "do" it.
>> My setup is a box running 6.0-RELEASE, I have 1 200G wd drive that I
>> have set up as the os and I have 6 200G wd drives that I want to
>> combine in a raid (hopefully 5, but just knowing how to do any would
>> be great).
>> Any pointers to howto docs ins the form of "first do this, then do
>> thiis, etc." would be helpful mostly I don't understand ow to prepare
>> the drives in the array to be used by gvinum. I could probably figure
>> out he rest on my own given enough time and monkeys.
There is an article on the O'Reilly BSD Devcenter about setting up
software RAID 1 with FreeBSD as a step by step tutorial.  Here is the link:


I hope it helps.


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