Installing FreeBSD 6.0 on IBM BladeCenter HS20 - IT WORKS!

Tom Samplonius tom at
Tue Mar 28 21:38:35 UTC 2006


  Hi, I was reading your post in regards to installing FreeBSD on the 
BladeCenter that you made to freebsd-stable.  I've also been trying 
installing FreeBSD on the BladeCenter.  During my installs, it hangs 
during the SCSI disk probes (Waiting for SCSI disks to settle).  That 
should only take 5 seconds, but it sits there for a long time.  I have 
some questions:

1. Disabling acpi.  What happens for you if acpi is not disabled?  I 
never tried this, and I'm not sure if this fixes anything or not.  What 
did it do for you?

2. Keyboard.  Have you tried BETA4?  I think the new kbdmux stuff will 
mean that the keyboard does not need to be disabled. 

3.  ispfw.  I tried both with and without the firmware.  I didn't make 
any difference.  It would still hang.  What kind of storage are you 
installing onto?  I'm working with an IBM DS400 (aka T600).

Tom Samplonius

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