new sk driver [was: nve timeout (and down) regression?]

JoaoBR joao at
Tue Mar 28 10:40:35 UTC 2006

On Monday 27 March 2006 21:21, Pieter de Goeje wrote:

> > IMO it would make sense to be replaced by Pyuns driver because the
> > original is not functional
> >
> > kind of strange getting a new release with a known not functional driver
> >
> > João
> This is not quite true; I am running 2 systems with the sk driver. One of
> them is a dual core athlon64, and it's network connection is indeed flawed
> unless I change debug.mpsafenet to 0. The other machine is a regular
> athlon64 and has no problems at all. Both systems are running
> 6.1-PRERELEASE amd64.
> With debug.mpsafenet=1, cvsup failes with "protocol error"s on the SMP box.
> Also, I run several Half-Life: Counter-Strike servers on it and clients
> occasionaly receive corrupted UDP packets which cause them to drop the
> connection. However as soon as I changed debug.mpsafenet to 0, all problems
> were gone.
> So, maybe you should try changing debug.mpsafenet.
> FYI: the SMP box has an Asus A8V (agp) mobo, and the other box an Asus K8V
> SE.

probably you do not have the traffic to make the box crash or less then 1/2GB 
of RAM in use

in fact the problem does not happen on UP machines, only some times a device 
timeout which only ocasionally cause rx/tx to stop

The problem is appearing on SMP machines

when you have less then 2Gb of RAM the problem ocurres once a day or so and 
seems to depend on memory use and amount of traffic

soon the traffic reaches more than 1Mbit/s the crash is predictable and you 
can wait to see

on 4GB of Ram machines and more traffic the crash is imediatly and worse when 
the box crashed under load (4-6Mbit/s) and comes back then the high demand 
strokes it and it crashes in minutes or imediatly soon the network is up

so probably mpsafenet may help by not processing concurrent packets but this 
is a workaround not a solution (for me)

last time I checked mpsafenet=0 almost cut 1Mbit/s of traffic and the overall 
performance/response was bad, higher HZ did not resolved anything and 
disabling polling made it still worse (I have other NICs installed), the 
machines are working as GW

until january the machines didn't crashed, only timeouts and rx/tx stops
I used Pyun's driver and the timeouts went away, thank's again!

so then I got confused by some if_sk talks on stable and thought the driver 
was comitted and the boxes started crashing until I got it last week and 
reused Pyun's driver again and my sk problems are gone again, the machines 
are stable for 4/5 days now


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