new sk driver [was: nve timeout (and down) regression?]

JoaoBR joao at
Tue Mar 28 10:23:27 UTC 2006

On Monday 27 March 2006 23:08, Pyun YongHyeon wrote:

>  > > Jo?o
>  >
>  > This is not quite true; I am running 2 systems with the sk driver. One
>  > of them is a dual core athlon64, and it's network connection is indeed
>  > flawed unless I change debug.mpsafenet to 0. The other machine is a
>  > regular athlon64 and has no problems at all. Both systems are running
>  > 6.1-PRERELEASE amd64.
> Does it happen on my latest sk(4) driver?

I think he talks about the releng_6 driver and not about yours


> I don't have amd64 systems but the driver was tested on i386(SMP)
> and sparc64(SMP) and I never see above errors.
> The only issue known to me is occasional watchdog timeout error
> which I really want to fix. But the watchdog timeout error is hard
> to reproduce and I couldn't reproduce the error on my system.
>  > With debug.mpsafenet=1, cvsup failes with "protocol error"s on the SMP
>  > box. Also, I run several Half-Life: Counter-Strike servers on it and
>  > clients occasionaly receive corrupted UDP packets which cause them to
>  > drop the connection. However as soon as I changed debug.mpsafenet to 0,
>  > all problems were gone.
> How about stock sk(4)? Does it have the same issue too?
>  > So, maybe you should try changing debug.mpsafenet.
>  > FYI: the SMP box has an Asus A8V (agp) mobo, and the other box an Asus
>  > K8V SE.



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