devfs on /my/jail/dev ...

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Tue Mar 28 03:18:17 UTC 2006

I'm missing something here ... I've looked in /etc/defaults/devfs.conf, 
and found that ruleset 4 is what I want for a jail ... so, I issue:

devfs -m /vm/.t19/dev ruleset 4

but its not doing anything:

titan# devfs -m /vm/.t19/dev ruleset 4
titan# devfs -m /vm/.t19/dev rule show
titan# ls /vm/.t19/dev
acd0            da0s1e          net2            stderr          ttyv6
acpi            da0s1f          net3            stdin           ttyv7
ata             da0s1g          network         stdout          ttyv8
atkbd0          devctl          nfs4            sysmouse        ttyv9
bpsm0           devstat         nfslock         ttyp0           ttyva
ciss0           fd              null            ttyp1           ttyvb
console         fido            pass0           ttyp2           ttyvc
consolectl      geom.ctl        pci             ttyp3           ttyvd
ctty            io              psm0            ttyp4           ttyve
da0             kbd0            ptyp0           ttyv0           ttyvf
da0s1           klog            ptyp1           ttyv1           urandom
da0s1a          kmem            ptyp2           ttyv2           xpt0
da0s1b          mem             ptyp3           ttyv3           zero
da0s1c          net             ptyp4           ttyv4
da0s1d          net1            random          ttyv5

So, how do I make use of the rules that are defined in 
/etc/defaults/devfs.rules? :(

Thanks ...

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