Can't boot with a new install

Yousef Raffah yraffah at
Mon Mar 27 17:27:25 UTC 2006

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> Hi everyone,
> I just finished installing FreeBSD 6 RELEASE on my Toshiba
> Tecra A4
> laptop and the installation was fine, however, when I rebooted
> the
> machine, I don't get the boot loader screen as if the machine
> can not
> see my drive! I tried the reinstalling and ensured that I set
> the slice
> to be bootable but that didn't change anything.
> Not sure if this is a common issue with FreeBSD 6 on Toshiba
> laptops but
> I'm still looking around
I'm sorry if this is not the right Mailing list to post but I hope someone can point me or at least give some hints to look for as I'm almost clueless. I see no reason why it can't boot of my drive after installing FreeBSD, although this is not my first BSD install, but is there anything specific that must be set during the install (I doubt)? I have erased all the slices on the drive then pressed on "A" to create the FreeBSD slice Automatically (it created three slices and one of them is ad0s1 and I have no clue what are the other two for), then I Auto labeled the slices from the installer and continued the installation. :(

Yousef Raffah

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