Need help with isp driver and disk arrary

Tony Maher anthony.maher at
Mon Mar 27 01:39:04 UTC 2006

kreios at wrote:

>>You can use camcontrol to rescan the bus (or device) to make it visible.
> Thanks for the help.  Looks like I am out of luck on this one. 
> Rescanning the bus does not show the LUNs.   Remapping the LUN is out
> due to license issues with the unit.  I am investigating how much it
> will cost to activate the feature but I don't have high hopes of that
> happening.

Sorry it as a long time ago - you actually have to specify
the lun rather than the bus


  Finally was able to see disk with a 'camcontrol rescan 1:0:4' command.
  Previous 'camcontrol rescan all' and 'camcontrol rescan 1' failed to
  see disk.


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