Data transfer from one HD to another

Clint Olsen clint at
Sun Mar 26 18:20:05 UTC 2006

On Mar 26, Remo Lacho wrote:
> dump and restore are your friends.
> Try something like this for each new slice (partition):
> Create your new slice on the new disk.
> newfs the new slice - newfs -U /dev/[new_slice]
> mount the new slices - mount /dev/[new_slice] /mnt  
> dump and restore from the old slice to the new slice -
> 	dump -L -0 -f- /[old_slice] | (cd /mnt; restore -r -v -f-)

If you want to ensure that the system is quiescent before doing the copy,
you should actually boot from an alternative media and do the copy using
those utilities.  I actually needed to do this for Windows XP and I was too
cheap to pay for any of the commercial software, so I used g4u:

It's based on NetBSD and worked great for my Windows PC.  I was cloning
from a smaller to larger HD, so I had to use another utility to extend the
partitions without formatting.

Good luck,


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