RCS file error in controllers/nfsmb - "head" expected

Jonathan Noack noackjr at alumni.rice.edu
Sun Mar 26 18:11:45 UTC 2006

On 03/26/06 08:35, Troy wrote:
> I've had this cvs error now for over a week.  Anyone else seeing it? Being
> that it is saying it's a server warning I'm assuming that I shouldn't be
> the only one.
> -Troy
>   Add delta 2006. davidxu
> Server warning: RCS file error in
> "/usr/local/etc/cvsup/prefixes/FreeBSD.cvs/src/sys/modules/i2c/controllers/nfsmb/Makefile,v":
> 1: "head" expected

I don't see this with cvsup17.us.freebsd.org.  What cvsup server are you
using?  Have you tried a different one?


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