nve timeout (and down) regression?

JoaoBR joao at matik.com.br
Thu Mar 23 19:32:31 UTC 2006

On Thursday 23 March 2006 15:59, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:

> If you have collisions you have most likeely a duplex mismatch.
yep, but I set manually matching with the switch and tried other speeds, no 

> If you read the code and I remember right   the above change is a NOP.

anyway, resolved my case ...

> The timeouts have been there and are there. The difference with the
> last commits is that a lot of people couldn't get the NIC working at
> all before   and now it works (somewhat) but there are timeouts from
> time to time which for some people seem to auto-recover and for
> others still get things 'stuck'.

nve did not worked on 6.0R (for me) but cvsup to stable resolved the case (for 
me) in end of dezember

since a month or so with recent releng_6 the problem came back, timeouts and 
stopping rx/tx 

> The problem is to diagnose what everyone really has
> - branch running (RELENG_6 or HEAD)

releng_6 last cvsup from thi monday

> - i386 or amd64


> - exact FreeBSD revisions for if_nve.c
> - if using patches which
> - pciconf -lv | grep -A4 ^nve

nve0: <NVIDIA nForce MCP7 Networking Adapter> port 0xd400-0xd407 mem 
0xec000000-0xec000fff irq 20 at device 5.0 on pci0
nve0: Ethernet address 00:04:61:98:97:d5
miibus0: <MII bus> on nve0

nve0 at pci0:5:0:  class=0x068000 card=0x100c1695 chip=0x00df10de rev=0xa2 
    vendor   = 'NVIDIA Corporation'
    device   = 'Network Bus Enumerator'
    class    = bridge

> - which board
> > - exact problems 
>  	* is the interface working at all

the system after probing HW comes up with 
nve0 down
nve0 up
nve0 down 


>  	* is it just stuck from time to time
>  	* ...
> See http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=94524 for more
> questions. You my want to submit a fllow up and add your description
> with the answer to these questions there.



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