Non-boot on RELENG_6 1930 UTC source using XP's ntldr

Kent Stewart kstewart at
Thu Mar 23 18:33:02 UTC 2006

I updated my system on 22 March with sources available on the mirrors at 
11:30 PST and ended up with a system that wouldn't boot. It would get 
to the point that I chose FreeBSD using ntldr and it just stopped. 

The XP sytem used an older boot1 to boot FreeBSD. I could use the 
6.0-Release CD fixit option to go back to the system update of 18 March.

Since then, I have found that if I unload the 18 March kernel, load the 
22 March kernel and boot, I get a btx dump. However, if you replace the 
old boot1 used by the ntldr with the one created by the new version of 
the OS, you can boot just fine.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA "I am Andean project".

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