more weird bugs with mmap-ing via NFS

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Mar 22 01:09:23 UTC 2006

:The file stops growing, but the network bandwidth remains at 20Mb/s. `Netstat 
:-s' on the client, had the following to say (udp and ip only):

    If the network bandwidth is still going full bore then the program is
    doing something.  NFS retries would not account for it.  A simple
    test for that would be to ^Z the program once it gets into this state
    and see if the network bandwidth goes to zero.

    So if we assume that packets aren't being lost, then the question 
    becomes: what is the program doing that is causing the network
    bandwidth to go nuts?  And if it isn't the program, then what is the
    OS doing that is causing the network bandwidth to go nuts?  

    ktrace on the program would tell us if read() or write() or ftruncate()
    were causing an issue.

    'vmstat 1' while the program is running would tell us if VM faults
    are creating an issue.

    If neither of those are an issue then I would guess that the problem
    could be related to the NFSv3 2-phase commit protocol.  A way to test
    that would be to mount with NFSv2 and see if the problem still occurs.

    Running tcpdump on the network interface while the program is in this 
    state might also give us some valuable clues.  50 lines of output from
    something like this after the program has gotten into its weird state
    might give us a clue:

    tcpdump -s 4096 -n -i <interface> -l port 2049


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