Urgent FreeBSD Boot question!

lars at gmx.at lars at gmx.at
Mon Mar 20 22:52:23 UTC 2006

Benjamin Sher wrote:
> Dear Kevin:
> Sounds great! Just what I need. One question before I proceed: what is
> the holographic shell. Please be specific and provide step-by-step
> instructions. I am a bit nervous about this kind of brain surgery.
> Thank you again.
> Benjamin
>> To write the MBR on the first disk, just boot the CD and select the
>> holographic shell. At that point, enter the command:
>> boot0cfg -B ad0
>> That should do the trick. There are several other ways to do this, but
>> this is the first one I thought of for your situation.
Or go to http://gag.sourceforge.net, download that boot manager and 
install it via floppydisk or cd, it's easy and effective.

You can't do anything wrong with that one.

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