Temperature monitoring in FreeBSD 4/5/6

Mathijs Brands mathijs at brands.name
Fri Mar 17 07:56:32 UTC 2006

On Fri, 17 March, 2006 7:17, Surer Dink wrote:
> If you search for messages with subject: CPU/case/disk temperature
> sensors for Dell PowerEdge 2850 on freebsd-hackers, you will discover
> a thread which boils down to the following instructions:
> reboot machine; while it's rebooting, it'll pop up message about bmc -
> hit the magic key combination; configure an ip address, username, and
> password; install freeipmi port; use
> %./ipmitool -Ilan -Hipmiip -Uyyyy -Pxxxxxx sensors

As far as I know, Dell included a BMC starting with the 1750 and 2650. On
older models, you may be able to read data from the DRAC card (if you have
one). The newer ones support IPMI 2.0.



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