Recent 6.1-PRE: burncd: ioctl(CDRIOCFIXATE): Input/output error

Dmitry Pryanishnikov dmitry at
Thu Mar 16 01:01:00 UTC 2006


On Wed, 15 Mar 2006, Scott Robbins wrote:
>> fixating CD, please wait..
>> burncd: ioctl(CDRIOCFIXATE): Input/output error
>> localhost(6.1-P)[23]
>> There was a fair amount of time -- around 15 - 20 seconds -- between the
>> "fixating CD, please wait.." message and the whine, during which there
>> was activity involving the CD drive.
>> Am I doing something stupid here?
> In my case, the CD burns without problem however, I get that error.
> Googling found me a few other people with a similar issue.  Have you
> tried the CD afterwords to see if it works anyway?
> Out of curiosity, is it a Plextor drive, I think everyone who had a
> problem was running into it with Plextors.

  No, not only Plextors. Look at this (I'm using already-written TDK CD-RW 80 

root at homelynx# uname -r
root at homelynx# dmesg|grep acd0
acd0: DVDR <NEC DVD RW ND-3520A/1.04> at ata1-master UDMA33
root at homelynx# burncd -f /dev/acd0 blank data i386cd-3.0.iso fixate
blanking CD - 100 % done
burncd: ioctl(CDIOCSTART): Input/output error
root at homelynx# cdcontrol -f /dev/acd0 i
cdcontrol: getting toc header: Input/output error

Note that disk has actually been blanked; it seems to me that burncd
just issued next command too early (waiting for blank completion
doesn't work properly). OK, re-issue command w/o blank:

root at homelynx# burncd -f /dev/acd0 data i386cd-3.0.iso fixate
next writeable LBA 0
writing from file i386cd-3.0.iso size 204768 KB
written this track 204768 KB (100%) total 204768 KB
fixating CD, please wait..
burncd: ioctl(CDRIOCFIXATE): Input/output error
root at homelynx# cdcontrol -f /dev/acd0 i
Starting track = 1, ending track = 1, TOC size = 18 bytes
track     start  duration   block  length   type
     1   0:02.00  22:45.11       0  102386   data
   170  22:47.11         -  102386       -      -

Yes, resulting disk is OK, it's waiting for completion which doesn't work

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