panic with ZERO_COPY_SOCKETS on 5.4 (and probably 6.0)

Vadim Goncharov vadim_nuclight at
Wed Mar 15 12:38:35 UTC 2006

Hello freebsd-stable,

  I've seen several panics on a 5.4-STABLE (RELENG_5 at end of January)
  under moderate ftpd/samba load with diagnostic:

    vm_page_free: freeing wired page

  Server rebooted after a panic every ~4 hours. Removing
  ZERO_COPY_SOCKETS from kernel config resolved problem.
  And I've found same diagnostic with same causes in freebsd-current@
  mail lists on a 6.0-RC1:

  Also, there is a PR with a similar diagnostic (but not sure if it is

  I still have coredumps on my machine together with copy of
  kernel.debug (although I've updated machine to 5.5-PRERELEASE alredy),
  and can provide backtrace etc. if somebody will be interested in this.

Best regards,
 Vadim Goncharov   ICQ UIN 166852181   mailto:vadim_nuclight at

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