Still can't boot on 6.0-STABLE > Nov 2005 or 6.1-BETA

James Seward jamesoff at
Wed Mar 15 00:04:00 UTC 2006

Hello folks,

A while back (January) I posted to the list about a problem I had
booting 6.0-STABLE built with sources after about November 2005 on my

Since that point, and including (I have now discovered) 6.1-PRERELEASE
(as my freshly built kernel identified itself just now), I can't boot.
At the point where the kernel should mount my root fs and continue
booting, it decides it can't see any disks other than fd0, and
presents me with a "mountroot>" prompt.

Looking through the scrollback, it correctly identifies my ata
controllers earlier in the boot process.

A boot -v (captured over serial) is available here:

A successful boot is available here:

When I get to the mountroot> prompt, my IDE light is stuck on solid.

At the time I initially reported this problem I was running amd64. I
have since moved back to i386 (mainly for things like nvidia-driver
and win32-codecs), but the problem persists :(

My motherboard is an A8V-E Deluxe, and my disks are on both IDE and
SATA; the IDE disk plays no role in my FreeBSD boot (it has WinXP on
it). FreeBSD lives on my SATA drives. 5.3 and 5.4, as well as WinXP,
have no problems with the disks. I'm not doing anything funky like
RAID or geom.

I did try posting a PR for this a while back, but it never even seemed
to be recorded.

If I'm sending this request the wrong way, please let me know! I'd
love to help get this fixed so I can take advantage of the latest and
greatest on this machine :)

Thanks in advance,

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