Cannot boot 6.1-PRERELEASE in SMP mode

Pete French petefrench at
Tue Mar 14 21:20:29 UTC 2006

> debug.acpi.disabled=timer
> and see if it works.  I have one system on which 5.4 works  
> flawlessly, but anything from 6.0-REL and up requires I disable the  
> ACPI timer.

Thanks - that does make it work with ACPI enabled, which is good. It
still won't boot SMP however - and despite the fcat it gets stuck
at the same point as it used to with ACPI I think it is a different problem.
Booting verbose SMP gives nothing after the stick - whereas with the ACPI
problem I used to get periodic "error 22" and "Unretryable Error" outputs.

But having ACPI working is good :-) Shame about the SMP :-(


PS: On a separate partition I have placed Windows 2000 and that sees both
processors and runs SMP fine, so I am now more convinced than ever that this
is a FreeBSD problem.

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