Kernel INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE workaround?

Ruslan Ermilov ru at
Tue Mar 14 11:28:04 UTC 2006

On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 09:32:24AM -0600, Alan Amesbury wrote:
> Jorge Aldana wrote:
> >I'm on 6.1PreRelease and this works:
> >
> >strings -n 3 /boot/kernel/kernel | grep -v ____ | sed -n 's/^___//p'
> >
> >There was a minor tweek in this line back in 5.X transition form 4.X but 
> >my script works fine for 6.X since then.
> Note that the problem isn't in the line you provided above that extracts 
> the built-in configuration file.  It's in the build procedure that's 
> supposed to put the config file into the kernel in the first place.  In 
> other words, "options INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE" doesn't include *all* the 
> configuration data, because it doesn't include included configuration 
> files.  It's only including the very first level of nested configuration 
> files, which is not an accurate representation of what's in the kernel.
> In my example, the configuration file for GENERIC should've been in 
> there somewhere, as well as anything included by GENERIC (such as the 
> stuff in DEFAULTS).
> Again, this used to work great, but appears to have been broken in favor 
> of... usability?
I posted a patch to config(8) some time ago that did what you want,
but it wasn't widely accepted so I abandoned it.

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