Michael Vince mv at roq.com
Mon Mar 13 11:21:18 UTC 2006

Steinberg, Michael wrote:

>im compiling kde from the ports for about the hundreth time and something
>always goes wrong this time its more simple than most but i can't seem to
>find what im looking for. It attempted to fetch a library called tiff.4 in
>several places and found nothing. It asked me to find it and ive been
>looking all over google and got nothing. Does anybody know where i can find
>this library?
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Maybe you just got to get more down and dirty.
If its really getting tough and there seems no end in sight try a 
"portupgrade -kfa" which I have always assumed stands for (along with 
the old doom cheat codes) "Kick F**ken Ass" :)

Also try with the -p switch to create packages which might save some 
time on mass package nukes and retrys, or even a -O to ignore dependencies.
Also if you get stuck on something small like tiff try just installing 
it as a package over the internet.
pkg_add -r tiff
to install a binary package of it, you could also do a -f on that to 
force it, which is something that should be considered to at the top of 
your list.

I almost always have a good look through my /var/db/pkg before and after 
even the most ruthless portupgrade I usually find it remarkably clean.

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