Segfaults from gcc, awk and Zend; advice needed

Alban dalroi at
Mon Mar 13 09:59:23 UTC 2006

For some reason I'm getting more or less random segfaults compiling  
kernels, world or PHP5 on BETA-3 (Python and perl went ok). So far I  
haven't succeeded building a fresh kernel or world. This system is an  
Athlon XP with 1MB RAM and 4GB swap, compiling is done in the usual  
places in /usr, which is a set of two gstriped partitions. Dmesg  

Previously this system has been running 5-STABLE w/o any such  
problems (uptime before installing 6 was about 80 days, started from  
an installworld). This machine doesn't regularly see load yet, except  
for the few build(world/kernel)/install(&)s.

I haven't seen any other messages of this kind, so I suspect a local  
problem. So far I think I need to look at:
- memory; run memtestx86 and cross fingers
- I recollect seeing mention of problems with large amounts of swap  
on this list in the past; turn one of the swap partitions off or  
something like that
- Optimization flags; I've tried setting CPUTYPE?=athlon-xp and  
CLFAGS=, CFLAGS=-O -pipe, CFLAGS=-O2 -pipe so far. All w/o avail...
- gcc 3.4.4, awk, PHP are all borken (all were built using gcc 3.4.4,  
I suppose)

I'm a bit low on spare time, so I'd like to tackle this problem  
efficiently. Anything I forgot or to help me find the culprit?


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