Freezes in wireless bridge

Paulo Fragoso paulo at
Sun Mar 12 23:44:39 UTC 2006

Paulo Fragoso wrote:

> Hi,
> We have two bridges running FreeBSD 6.1-BETA1 and we have a lot of 
> freezes in a week, it's happening when trafic is high, but it has ever 
> happened when we was changing dev.ath.0.acktimeout.
> There aren't dumps, all CPU is freezed, state of leds in kayboard 
> doesn't change, only leds of wireless card (D-Link G520) are blinking. 
> Some times is printed on console DMA erros of ad0 before system to 
> freeze. 

After cvsup src-all upgrade (2006-03-04) which had changed version of 
ath_hal from to and after we had changed bridge 
configuration from"..." to added device 
if_bridge, we can't get anymore freezes:

$ uptime
20:35  up 7 days,  4:38, 1 user, load averages: 0,03 0,03 0,00

Is there any problem with bridge ( or old 
ath_hal? We can't found any change.log about this problem.

Paulo Fragoso.

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